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Pipe Push Paradise

A difficult puzzle game about plumbing. · By Corey Martin


Recent updates

v1.2.0 (new level set!)
New major update! I got a bug report that inspired (burdened me with?) a whole new set of levels. The patch is now available as a free dl to anyone who owns the...
5 files
v1.1.0 Content update
- added some content - bug fixes BY THE WAYYYY, if you didn't, you should download the game using the itch app so that you stay up to date with patches. The app...
5 files
- more bug fixes
5 files
A difficult puzzle game about plumbing.
- bug fixes - performance improvements If anyone has any support or feature requests, let me know!
5 files
Patch notes: - added some new villagers - bug fixes - minor sound edits - minor animation edit - added 64-bit versions for PC & Linux
5 files

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