A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A small exploration-based listening experience.

You're alone in a luxury villa. There are 4 tape players hidden throughout the house representing music from Toboggan's "Shuriken" EP. There may be other tapes elsewhere. Find them or don't.

How to play: WASD or arrow keys to move, mouse to look, left click to interact, shift to run.

Music, Programming & Design by Corey Martin (Toboggan).
Art by Teodoro Zamudio.

Additional music by Malky, Teo, Seapoint, Sibian & Faun, GFXIII and Unknown Cultures. "Ostrich Sans" font by Tyler Finck. Additional assets by Mohelm97, Daniel Robnick, Kenney and Tornado Bandits. Embroidery by Mellissa Brophy. Fridge drawing by Elizabeth Wilson.

"Shuriken" (the EP) is out now on xenonyms.

Toboggan on Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Facebook

xenonyms on Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Facebook


shuriken-1.0.2-pc.zip 121 MB
shuriken-1.0.2-osx.zip 125 MB
shuriken-1.0.2-linux.zip 128 MB

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Hello! I really liked your game, it was beautifully designed as well as being a nice musical experience! I made a let's play of your game here~



bare bones but interesting setting and sounds


Did an impressions video of your game!


This would likely be quite interesting if finding the players and playing the music was able to tell at least some kind of story. Nothing of the music presented here is able to catch my ears for more than a few seconds - and I usually dig all kinds of music. 

doesn't provide an option to lower resolution despite horrendous framerate

thanks for the heads up! just added config dialog to v1.0.2.